Comment Of The Day: Homonym Fun Edition

Image credit: Appearance
Image credit: Appearance

The more expensive and low-volume the car, the more likely people are to flip it. Sometimes you can wind up paying a million bucks over MSRP—but such is the nature of buying a flipped car. Of course, “flipping” isn’t always in regard to money.

Aston Martin is concerned that people will flip the Valkyrie once it goes on sale. It’s a very legitimate fear to have. But user Jcarr points out that Mercedes is totally chill with you flipping its cars.


So there you have it, flippers: buy a Mercedes. The flips are unlimited!

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Congratulations, Mr. Jcarr, on COTD! I would like to gift you with an Ason Martin which this lovely lady will deliver soon. She’s packing heat so there will be no flipping.