Comment Of The Day: Homologation Special Wheels Edition

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Formula One is claiming that it wants to move to an 18" wheel and tire package for the 2021 regulations in an effort to remain relevant to the world of road cars. That might have been the case in 2004, but who really even offers an 18" wheel anymore? How much could 22" wheels cost, Michael? Ten dollars?

Here’s a real suggestion that gets to the meat of the idea. You want to be relevant to road cars? Use road car wheels!


I love this idea, especially as it means manufacturers like Ferrari and McLaren have to go a long way into their respective back catalogs to find 18" wheels anyway. At least both Mercedes and McLaren could use the same weird optional 18" 5-spoke wheels from the 2006 SLR.

For thinking outside of the box box box, gotheframe has won today’s COTD. There won’t be another one until Monday, so you get to keep the famed COTD trophy for the whole weekend! You earned it.

And apropos of nothing, there’s a new Haim song that dropped yesterday I’m kinda digging right now, so here it is.

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We should mandate the 40"s of the American Underslung