Screenshot: EverythingWithWheels (YouTube)
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I love the idea of a Ram pickup powered by a lawnmower engine. And I got a chuckle out of the idea that while this new power plant may be modest in size, its owner could still say “it’s got a Hemi.”

Hemi, as plenty of you reading will know, is Chrysler’s nomenclature for some of its big angry engines. It became a “cool word” thanks to associations with ’60s muscle cars and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has taken full advantage of that in marketing.


“Hemi” is not exactly proprietary Chrysler technology. It really just refers to “hemispherical combustion chamber” which means the tubes the engine’s cylinders sit in are rounded at the top. But like I said, it’s sort of synonymous with torquey V8s thanks to Chrysler’s successful advertising attempts. Anyway, that’s why I thought this was kind of funny:

And if you want to take a few more minutes to actually learn more about hemispherical engines, this really old Engineering Explained video has a decent rundown. As a side note, that channel’s production value has really come a long way from 2011!