Comment of the Day: Han Ma Boo-Kee Edition

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This afternoon Andrew asked what you wanted to know about the ElectraMeccanica Solo, this little wedge-heel-looking three-wheeler commuter-mobile. Obviously, some of us car nerds are regular nerds, too, because someone immediately saw this as an opportunity for a Star Wars reference. And we’re talking the good ones, not that terrible “A Star Wars Story” movie that came out last year.

Any time someone can wedge in a reference to the generation-defining science fiction that is the original trilogy, I’m game for it. I probably would have gone for a reference of the Greedo line “Koona t’chuta Solo?” but a Jabba line is as good as gold when I’m running the Jalopnik night shift.


Congratulations on another COTD victory, Moobuckaw. You got a laugh out of me. Hopefully the next person to smuggle for you won’t drop their cargo at the first sign of Imperial starships. 

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Could we please get a honorary mention of PG’s burn?