Comment Of The Day: Hallowed Be Thy Wrangler Edition

Even the sinners, disbelievers, Mercedes F1 fans and other horrible people agree: Pope Francis is a cool dude. The coolest, some might say.

He’s so cool that he was just seen rolling in a Jeep Wrangler turned Popemobile in Ecuador. Everybody loves the Wrangler. What kind of person doesn’t love the Wrangler?


Some might say it’s a blessing to enthusiasts everywhere. That’s the gist of this back and forth between O[][][][][][][]O ™ (no idea how to pronounce that, but I guess it’s the sound a Jeep grille would make if it was a sound) and cazzyodo:

Congrats on your double COTD win, true believers! May you always keep your Jeeps shiny-side up.

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