Comment Of The Day: Grid Kids Edition

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The children, as they say, are our future. Even though most of them today are addicted to Molly and sexting and Assassin’s Creed, they are still our future. And perhaps we can get them hooked on something better: racing.


On the heels of the news that the Brazilian Grand Prix will modify the stupid, sexist, dated practice of Grid Girls by including young men as well, reader homebrewED came up with what I think is a better idea:

I think I have a pretty good solution to this grid “person” dilemma:

I think it would be awesome to see young kids that are aspiring to be involved in motorsports holding up the signs - kind of how in European futbol, the players come out holding the kids hand for the opening ceremonies for most matches.

I think all of these kids would be EXCITED AS HELL to be there and wouldn’t just be some paid model (male or female) trying to look good. It would be one hell of an experience to be on the grid of an F1 race for these kids. You wouldn’t have this sexism issue of “hey we have to go have equal amount of men and women” holding up the signs, because the kids that wanna be there would be there, no matter if they are boys or girls.


Yes! Grid Kids is a great idea. We’ll even give them little helmets and shit so they don’t get maimed. Lewis Hamilton can teach them how to use Instagram, if they don’t already have one. It’ll be great!

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Congratulations, Mr. homebrewED, on COTD! My award to you is your very own Grand Prix car which this lovely lady will deliver as soon as the grid kids get out of the way.