Comment Of The Day: Gotta Have CarPlay Edition

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Bigger, faster, quicker, more power, more space, more quiet. That’s the trend that cars have gone for decades, and we’ve probably reached a tipping point where the average car is far less fun to drive than it was in previous generations.


It’s nice to be able to boil down your enthusiast needs to a few simple words. “Give me a modern Quattro with CarPlay.” is all you might need to say to get your point across. Audi might argue that the RS 5 exists, which provides what you’re looking for. It definitely slays, but the two are hardly the same.

Personally, I’d take an RS 2 with Car Play. That’d be pretty ideal for my driving choices. The RS 2 is plenty powerful, plenty fun, plenty good handling, plenty easy to use, and can handle the snowy nasty weather we’re experiencing in the Northern Sierras right now.

MK6GTI might be on to something. Take me back to the “good old days” of cars, and I’m not even a Boomer, just an elder millennial. Maybe that’s worse?

Either way, for being able to boil down what you’re looking for in a car to a few simple words and a picture, today’s COTD victory goes to MK6GTI. Great job, don’t let it go to your head. Audi isn’t going to take your (or my) suggestion any time soon.

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3.5mm Aux plug.

Carplay only works for Apple people. An Aux plug works for anything that you can plug a jack plug in.

I gotta get me an anti-skip cylinder phonograph with aux plug for a Benz Patent-Motorwagen now.