Comment of the Day: Flying Pigs Edition

I remember reading in 2006 at the launch of the Bentley Continental Flying Spur that it was capable of 194 miles per hour, and thinking that was an astonishing feat for such a large sedan. It wasn’t until a decade later that the Flying Spur finally crested the double ton mark. There are still very few sedans capable of more than 200 MPH, but there are certainly more now than ever before.


That continental was a 200 MPH pig. The current Charger Hellcat is a 200 MPH pig. And Alpina’s nearly-5000-pound 7-series looks to be a serious contender for addition to the list. They’re like those NFL linemen that can sprint the 40 in like 4.2 seconds or whatever. It’s impressive to see that kind of mass move so quickly.

Congratulations JurassicMJ25 for your COTD victory. Here’s hoping you’re blessed by the 200 MPH full-sized European luxury sedan gods for your actions. They don’t look kindly on those who mention weight, so we’re probably both screwed. 

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