Comment Of The Day: Dune Buggy House Arrest Blues Edition

Crime doesn’t pay. That includes stupid, hilariously illegal dune buggy shenanigans performed with zero regard for human life or American decency.

Blake Wilkey, the fellow behind the new infamous URBAN ASSAULT: San Diego Shark Attack video and a sort of More Actualized But Evil Raphael Orlove, was today sentenced to jail and house arrest for his act of public hoonage.


The video was full of generic, bad rock music, but reader JohnnyWasASchoolBoy points out Wilkey will be singing a different tune soon:

I hear the bug a comin’.

Comin’ ‘round the bend’

He won’t see the sunshine

Till damn near May the 10

‘Cuz he’s stuck in mommy’s basement

And time keeps draggin’ on

But that bug keeps on rollin’

Across some guy’s lawn.

Cash’ll tell you.

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