Comment Of The Day: Duct Tape Really Can Make Your Car Faster

(Screencap via Imgur/NBC Sports)

Today we heard about a NASCAR team’s dastardly cheating scam involving a little last-minute aerodynamic upgrade made with tape. Well, the racers got busted but it turns out duct tape really can make a big difference in high-speed performance.

A few commenters were kind enough to step up and answer the logical question of “what exactly is going on here,” but I do believe Mustang Crowd Hunter Edition had the first response in. For that, I’m awarding them with today’s COTD!


I know this is a little unorthodox, but I wanted to shoutout Bergh223 too for having a good and helpful follow-up contribution.

So what are you waiting for? Go hit the hardware store and start wrapping your car in duct tape!*


*Do not do that.

And for today’s customary prize song, here’s some weird eight-bit video game techno from the early ’90s. If you dig this and haven’t checked out my personalized Jaguar F-Type SVR playlist I suggest you indulge yourself in some more weird electronica.

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