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As someone who is regularly irritated by random noises, particularly the way my car’s air conditioning sounds like a gale force wind against a metal roof when on moderate settings aimed at my feet, I can relate to somebody driven to madness by a squeak in their car. Luckily some have very good dogs to help them out.

Today’s COTD winner goes to VAXcat, who is likely a human, and their dog (making their username choice a curiosity):


Gee, the best thing my family’s dogs ever did for me was that one time of of them moved their paw over my head as if they were petting ME while I recorded it for Instagram. That got a lot of likes. Thanks, pup.

And thank you, Dora the dog, for proving that you should never think you are crazy for what you are experiencing, at least until the point at which you must be physically restrained.

Anyway, congrats VAXcat on your winning story.

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