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Comment Of The Day: Don't Do Cars Kids Edition

Illustration for article titled Comment Of The Day: Dont Do Cars Kids Edition

America is only free as long as, whatever you do, you do not import a foreign car that is less than 25-years-old. God forbid.


Today’s COTD is a double-hitter from both fourvalleys, spitting some basic knowledged on the U.S. and its flawed import laws, and Rickster3rd with a message for the kiddos.


Congrats on your dual COTD win. I personally think it’s great that the cars I import are more likely to kill me, as I can only imagine how annoying I’d be telling the story to every single person passing by at car meetups. It’s a favor, really.

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Congratulations, Mr. fourvalleys and Mr. Rickster3rd, on shared COTD! I would like to gift you with a Nissan Skyline which this lovely lady will deliver when she finishes her laundry.