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There were plenty of ass-slaps and high-fives exchanged over the muscly glory of the Nissan Titan XD Warrior concept today, but some of you dared to ask the deeper questions. Like what the hell is in those tubes in the center console?

The two oozy-looking futuristic bottles were strapped in an unconventionally-horizontal position were in all of Nissan’s interior pictures and quite the source of controversy in our comment thread.


But 52nd State brought up a key point that we couldn’t ignore:

“What’s the point of any beverage container you can’t crush on your forehead?”

Really only one way to respond to that.

So thank you, 52nd State, for taking your brotacularity above and beyond the call of duty. I high-fived you through my screen, hope you felt it, and will award you the opportunity to sit through the ultimate backcountry bro-down in what I’m pretty sure is the most bro music video that currently exists:

I actually kind of like this song which makes this even more embarrassing to watch. You’re welcome!


Image via Nissan/ Public

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