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Earlier today our man Doug made the strong case that Nissan is the automaker that takes the most risks with their products. After watching Le Mans recently, I have to give them credit for innovation as well.

But reader James Rustles argues that they have nothing on Land Rover, which if true, could explain a thing or two about the thought process of our favorite columnist:

Doug, I think Land Rover programming subliminal messages into the check engine light is pretty daring and exciting as well.

The key is you have to cover it up with tape so that you stop having an unexplained urge to go to the service center every week:


I see you’re pretty badass at making .GIFs. I’m pretty badass at making .GIFs myself. Game recognize game.

Congrats on your COTD win, Rustles! May you one day figure out if you’re just paranoid or if people really are out to get you!

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