Comment Of The DayYour good comments.  

We had quite a few theories on what that mysterious white Ford van might have been doing creeping around the Apple offices with all those dongles dangling off it. But this is one theory I can stand behind and laugh at.

GrannyShifter knew what we were looking at straight away:

“Actually, I know exactly what that white van is. They are Apple’s mobile sales team. They sell limited edition and overstock products. I found one in a parking lot in Minneapolis one night last year and bought these limited edition Beats headphones. The guy said they were originally $2000, but they had ordered too many and his boss told him to get rid of them...I negotiated him down to $699. I also bought some $6000 speakers and a $9000 projector, all for $3000. I didn’t even know Apple made projectors! I saved like $15,000! I should get a job with Apple, because I am a genius!”

Well Granny, we can’t promise you a job at Apple but we can award you with today’s COTD win. Congratulations, and may you never ever have to visit a Genius Bar, not even once.