Today we learned that Ford wants to let your car take you around the racetrack itself, to show you how it’s done and establish trust between you and your new potentially deadly robot transportation machine.


But what if your potentially deadly robot transportation machine could do more for you? What if it could train at the track with you and your hashtag: squad of criminal compadres, and then aid you in your bank caper. Why hire a Jason Statham type when the car of the future is your gruff sexy British getaway driver?

Well, that’s exactly what commenter wætherman wants, as evidenced by his COTD win today:

I’m looking forward to “Autonomous Getaway Mode”

Somebody call Guy Ritchie, because the autonomous getaway flick of the future is waiting to be made.

Congratulations on your COTD win wætherman, here’s The Strokes with my favorite getaway driving song:

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