Comment of the Day: Automotive Evolution Edition

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I want to begin by saying that the Autech Stelvio Zagato is a spectacular rendition of late 1980s excess. It is the large beautiful wedge love of my life, and I will not hear a single disparaging word against it. While it may not be classically handsome, it has the look of a 30 year old touring car racer for the street, and nothing has been cooler since. Argue all you want.


There is nothing like the Stelvio. The designers behind this car developed some truly unique features, like the fender-moulded rear view mirrors and the NACA-ducted wheel covers. In the evolutionary path that created this car, wildly new concepts grew out of the primordial ooze. Then, when the bubble burst those new concepts completely died.

I enjoyed this line of thinking from TheManBearPigRoams. Congratulations on your COTD victory TMBPR, you’ve evolved a victory. 

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What is with the wheels, does the cutout serve a purpose other than looks?
Looks quite similar to NACA intake duct but its pointing wrong way.