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We saw a ton of interesting technology at the Frankfurt Motor Show; some of it conventional, much of it not. I’m fascinated by Mercedes’ transforming tail on the Concept IAA.

It’s a brilliant next-level approach to aerodynamics. Also, if you’re like most us and you’re mentally 14 years old, it’s unintentionally hilarious. Reader beardedbarsted explains:

*cue fast talking announcer voice*

Retractable body extender is meant to be extended only during highway driving. If retractable body extender remains extended on surface streets for longer than four hours, call your mechanic. Retractable body extension isn’t for every automobile, so talk to your car salesman prior to use. Side effects may include: increased fuel economy, funny looks from motorists, reduced aerodynamic drag, rude comments from jealous motorists, and teasing in the office. Read all warnings before using the retractable body extender. This product has not been evaluated by the EPA or the NHTSA. For more information, please contact your nearest travel agent and book travel arrangements for transportation to the nearest auto show on Mercedes’ circuit schedule.

LOL. Awesome.

Congrats on the COTD win, beardedbarsted. Not that you need it or anything. You don’t! You’ve just been under a lot of pressure at work lately, right? It happens to lots of us!

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