Comment Of The Day: Alfa Dog Edition

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Photo: Patrick George/Jalopnik

Alfa Romeo is undeniably making some pretty great cars right now. Everyone everywhere has been praising the Giulia, and someone who used to work at this very website once said “The 4C is a junior Ferrari for a fifth of the price. Except not a modern Ferrari — an old-school one, back when they were for guys like Steve McQueen and not guys like Justin Bieber.” That’s extremely high praise, so why are three year old 4Cs still kicking around on dealership showroom floors?


Apparently you can still buy a brand new 2016 model 4C at at $30,000 discount. That blows my mind wide open. An incredible-to-drive carbon-monocoque sports car for that cheap!

Illustration for article titled Comment Of The Day: Alfa Dog Edition

Sorry for the screenshot, Kinja is being weird about linked comments today. Let’s just deal with it for today and try again tomorrow, shall we?

Anyway, that’s missing the point of this post. CarsofFortLangley made this incredibly timed joke on Kristen’s post today about a bunch of old Alfas rotting in a field. I laughed until I cried. Poor Alfa.

So, here’s your COTD trophy. Please enjoy, and happy holidays.

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Yo, can we talk about how amazingly clear and crisp that video is? Was it shot on something like 70mm film? George Michael looks fabulous in there!