Command Presence: A Polizei-tuned Brabus Rocket

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Last year, on occasion of the Essen auto show — Germany's version of SEMA — tuning safety organization Tune It Safe showed off a tuner Porsche 911 dressed up as a police cruiser. This year, to promote its agenda of preventing accidents from faulty self-tuning jobs, it's unveiling a Brabus CLS Rocket decked out in full polizei trim. If you'll recall, the Rocket is Brabus's most extreme tweaker, reportedly topping out at 217mph by way of a major uprating of the V12 to 730hp @ 5100 rpm. What better way to catch some nutbag in 1,000-hp Opel Calibra with five turbos and a nitrous bottle the size of Dr. Z's head.


TechArt Builds Police Porsche to Promote Safe Tuning; Frankfurt Premiere: Brabus Rocket [internal]

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