The third episode of season eight of Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee features a Studebaker Avanti and comedian J.B. Smoove, and the web show is finally funny again.


After the previous two weeks of rather serious episodes with Margaret Cho and Judd Apatow, this week is finally funny again. (I was travelling this week so I’m just catching up.)

Seinfeld and Smoove have a great chemistry, and unlike many other episodes, the two comedians play off of each other perfectly.

They joke about bloody noses, washing cars with ladies lingerie, the secret behind bow-ties in the 50's, the zombie apocalypse, fire extinguishers and hint at the inspiration for the Bee Movie.


They compare ice cream to stand up comedy after J.B. reveals he saves the pecans in his butter pecan ice cream for last. What’s next, eating candy bars with utensils?

The two Jerry’s realize they sort of look alike, compare themselves to bulls, and then hear a joke from a 85 year-old birthday girl with a death pendant.

You can check out the episode over on Crackle’s website for the show.

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