Come To The Best New York Auto Show Party

You've hung out with us at small pubs in NYC, in parking lots in Austin and even at a leather-bikini car wash in Detroit. This time we're throwing a big shindig in NYC on the last day of the New York Auto Show press preview. Join us, won't you?

What is it?: We're teaming up with car-detailing products startup AMMO NYC (You know AMMO founder Larry Kosilla from his Drive Clean videos) and Classic Car Club Manhattan to put on the party of the year (so far).


When is it?: Thursday, March 28, 2013, 8 pm to 12 am.

Where is it?: At Classic Car Club Manhattan, 250 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10013.

C'mon, really?: Why would we lie?

Good point. That would be a next-level dick move: Exactly, though we probably wouldn't put it like that.


What will be happening there?: You'll get to drink and eat and meet your favorite Jalopnik editors and other Jalops like you. You'll also get to ask Larry Kosilla where his car-detailing OCD came from — and how it can benefit your car — and see interesting things from Monticello Motor Club, Aston Martin Racing/TRG, 311RS, and maybe even win some stuff.

Sick. What do I have to do?: Space is limited. Send an RSVP email — with Jalopnik NYC March Meetup as the subject line — to Remember — YOU MUST RSVP TO GET PAST THE GARGANTUAN, HEAVILY ARMED, EX-STASI THUGS MANNING THE DOOR, so send that RSVP right this minute, mister.


What happens if I blow it off?: Well, if you'd come to the last Jalopnik NYC meetup, you might have gotten a ride in Alex Roy's Morgan three-wheeler. And don't forget what a riot everyone had in Austin. This time, who knows what could happen?

What was that about RSVPing?: Yes, repetition works. Send an RSVP email — with Jalopnik NYC March Meetup as the subject line — to Do it now. As we said, space is limited.

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