Cohorts of Count Grishnackh May Ban Norwegian Gas-Power'd Car Sales

Some Norwegian politicos seem to have let all of those Burzum records go to their head and are intent on killing the gasoline internal-combustion engine as dead as Mayhem frontman Euronymous. Ruling Labor, Socialist Left and Center party wonks are checking to see if a ban on gasoline-powered vehicle sales would be illegal, forcing a move to biofuels on the part of automakers who want to do business in the Scandanavian nation. According to Truls Wickstrom of the Transport Committee, "Most of the major car makers are banking on flexi-fuel." Yep, Truls. They're also banking on hydrogen, electricity and diesel. Except Ferrari. Ferrari don't play that.

Norway Could Ban Gasoline-Powered Cars [The Money Times]

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