Cocaine Falling From The Sky Shows That Florida Has Always Been Nuts

We all know that crazy shit happens in Florida. The Sunshine State has a history of chicanery that goes back to the Miami Vice days. After all, where else but in South Florida does a bale of cocaine fall out of the sky? Nowhere.


During the first meeting of the Homestead, Fla. Crime Watch group, back in 1994, police chief Curt Ivy and his crime fighting colleagues watched in disbelief as a small plane sailed overhead at a very low altitude, a U.S. Customs jet hot on its tail. Something fell from it, landing on the ground near the group of law enforcement officers and concerned citizens.

It was a 75-pound bale of cocaine.

The two men inside the twin engine plane landed safely at a nearby airport, but they were both arrested soon after touchdown. Another bale they'd jettisoned landed on ... wait for it ... a church. The bale damaged the church building, bounced past a group of bewildered worshipers, and smashed into someone's Cadillac. We're pretty sure there was some heartfelt thankfulness to the man upstairs for salvation from the flying wad of drugs.


"Lawd God, I wanta THANKYA for not lettin' me feel the mighty thwack of cocaine from on high, HA!"

Florida. Oy. (Hat tip to ThunderSi!)

Photo credit: YouTube

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