NASCAR drivers Denny Hamlin and Joey Logano are former teammates. They don't much care for each other. They've been feuding recently, and a crash between the two broke Hamlin's back. They're also both sponsored by Coca Cola. And Coke is having fun with the feud.

At the start of the NASCAR season, an ad debuted called the "Coca Cola Road Trip." It put a bunch of drivers in a Dodge Caravan, where hilarious hijinks were guaranteed to happen!

Since the commercial, Logano and Hamlin have had a few crashes, and now Hamlin is sidelined for a few weeks as his back heals. Instead of shying away from the controversy, Coke is embracing it with the freshly edited commercial.

It keeps the ad current during the season. But it also shows the healing power of Coca Cola, which apparently makes two people that hate each other sing together and be all smiley.