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You remember that recent Dodge statement basically confirming there would not be a Dodge Challenger Convertible? Who cares if Dodge won't bring it, because it's just opening the doors for aftermarket converters like Coach Builders Ltd., bringing their interpretation of a drop-top Mopar pony to the SEMA show in Vegas next month. For the show, Coach Builders' Challenger gets 560 HP from a supercharger and other underhood mods, along with the requisite obnoxious wheels and what appears to be a Challenger T/A-inspired strobe stripe, though it comes off looking more like safety tape.
Priced at about $16,000 on top of the cost of a Challenger, the conversion nets you hidden chassis bracing and a power hydraulic top with extra sound insulation, an integrated headliner and heated rear window. Body kit and engine package pricing hasn't been determined yet, as the company is still finalizing details. But with production slated to start November 15, if you want one, you'd better get Coach Builders Ltd. your deposit quick — apparently they're already putting buyers in the que. Sure, the price is steep, but where else are you going to get a Challenger convertible? [Edmund's Inside Line]


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