Perhaps someone wasn’t paying as much attention as they should have been. Oops.

NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon was backing out of his garage midway through the morning practice session for this weekend’s Sprint Cup 5-Hour Energy 301 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. At the same time, Clint Bowyer was trying to get into his garage.


Wet pavement behind the garage stalls meant that neither car could stop on a dime, so when Jeff Gordon backed out into Bowyer’s path, the nose of Bowyer’s car struck the rear quarter panel of Gordon’s car.

This meant that Gordon was done for the session, making it a disappointing end to a disappointing weekend, where he only qualified 23rd for the start of the race. Bowyer’s car only had minimal damage, so he was able to continue with practice.


Still, there are few things that make you want to kick yourself worse than getting in a low-speed wreck in the garage area. Regardless of who was more at fault for this one, I suspect that many a “d’oh!” was uttered in the Bowyer and Gordon garages today.

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