Clever owner lifts Mercedes, thief with his tractor

If you're going to try to rob someone, don't crash your getaway car into a tractor. And if you do, don't crash into the forklift end. And if you do crash into the forklift end, get out before the owner lifts your car.

This video, purportedly filmed in Norway by nosy German tourists, shows the aftermath of a theft gone bad. The alleged thief was apparently caught red-handed in a burglary and attempted to flee in his old Mercedes. Instead of making it out he crashed into the big John Deere.


Rather than let the burglar go, the owner, Harald Mikkelsen, used the fork-lift front attachment on his farm equipment to raise the front of the vehicle so it couldn't pull away. The thief stayed in the vehicle for 45 minutes, puffing a cigarette, somehow never realizing he could just jump out and leave.

Police arrested the man and Mikkelsen's become a national hero.

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