Clearly The Highest Use Of A Yamaha-Swapped Smart Car Is Ripping Good Snownuts

The delightful nuts at YouTube’s Shifted Interests channel swapped a 1000 cc Yamaha FZ1 engine into a Smart Fortwo, more than doubling the horsepower and making it a whole lot rowdier. What do you do with such a delightful build in the winter? Snownuts, duh.

This 147 horsepower mini-monster packs a welded differential as well, making its teeny tiny rear-engined package perfect for good snownuts.


“As soon as you start sliding, you’re gone,” said the driver.

Is there anything better than losing yourself in good snownuts? Well, not breaking the car is pretty good, but hopefully it holds up better after they fix it.

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Miss Mercedes, you have three Smarts...time to sacrifice one For the Greater Good.