Clear The Afternoon Because You Now Know Indian Tractor Pulling Exists

Tractor pulling in general is a great activity, FACT. Two tractors playing tug-of-war is even better, FACT. Two dudes trying to tame the bucking broncos that are their tractors all while a jaunty Indian soundtrack plays over it is just about the best thing ever, FACT FACT FACT.


Clear your schedule, because it’s a lovely Friday afternoon in May, and once you see this you’re not going to be doing anything else all day. Just look at those things dig in an spin their tires, all while the drivers hang on because they’re going vertical.

This genuinely looks like one of the greatest parties I’ve ever seen. If anyone needs me, I’ll be looking at plane tickets to India.


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How can you not love India and it’s people?! They’re great. Man, least put some kind of ROPS structure on there.