The Pininfarina X-Concept is sheetmetal proof Italians can make any weird idea look beautiful, or at least interesting. This car's been making folks scratch their heads since 1960 and now it's for sale on eBay. Starting price? $800,000. Yowch.

The Pininfarina X-Concept was introduced as a pure design study and took a unique approach to laying the car out, with one, steered wheel up front, two outrigger wheels at the side, and one powered wheel at the back. The layout was arranged in an "X" pattern, get it? The extremely forward cabin is only topped in wackiness by the crazy-high fins at the back — even though it looks like it was from another planet, it was still the 60's.

It's currently up for bid on eBay with a beginning price of an eye-watering $800,000. At that price, the 43 HP Fiat four-cylinder better have a warp drive hidden somewhere.
[eBay listing via Motobullet]