"This is the best form of racing ever devised!" -Richard Hammond

Just one more week of silly little soccer games and we can have our "Top Gear" back. To tide us over, here's what may be one of the funniest segments of the brit car show we've seen to date. The concept is a thing of beauty all because of it's simplicity — 6 minivans, 5 race car drivers and the Hamster, an oval track, 15 laps. It's an epic lineup of minivans — two Renault Espaces, the Toyota Space Cruiser, a Toyota Previa (remember, it's a mid-engine — just like a Ferrari!), the Mitsubishi Space Wagon and last but not least — the Nissan Serena. Our favorite is the "Gladiator" music at the start — but really — it's all pretty damn amazing.

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