Classic Top Gear: Hamster Fires Up A Jet Car. No, Not THAT Jet Car!

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Now that BBC Worldwide's signed a deal to allow certain Top Gear clips from the Beeb's vaults see computer screens worldwide via YouTube, we've been treated to all sorts of fun clips from the past. Like this little run-in Richard Hammond had with a Nissan Celery Sunny and a jet car. No, not that jet car. Also, it's a shame we can't embed the content, but the BBC only wants us to watch them on the YouTube page. You know, for the true British experience.

Top Gear: Jet Car - Nissan [YouTube]

Danger at 288 mph: Richard Hammond Crash Pics Released; Update! Sky News Reports Top Gear's Richard Hammond Driving Vampire Jet Car At 280 Mph At Time Of Accident [internal]


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Damn. My first car was a 1989 Sunny SLX hatchback in red. It was actually fun.