I'd already totally forgotten that Buick went all George Thorogood with their marketing campaign for the 1984 Buick Regal Grand National. And how could I have β€” it makes total sense for Buick to have chosen Thorogood β€” although the "Imperial March" could have worked too. You see, with 200 hp of turbo goodness, the '84 was a radical example of US automakers trying to re-spark the interest of the enthusiast class, with the closest thing 'merica had seen to a muscle car since before the oil embargo. Although only 30,500 turbo cars were produced, they ruled the streets from '84 straight through to the last jet-black model year of '87, and as we saw during the Woodward Dream Cruise this year, they're still adored by fans β€” as these bad to the bone black examples of the best of the '80's should be.

2006 Woodward Dream Pre-Cruise: A Fleet Of Buick Grand Nationals And A GNX Get Their Cruise On [internal]