Classic Ad Watch: Fiat Goes Foo On You With Mentos

Before the geysers of Diet Coke, the freshmaker was forced to rely upon commercials to advertise itself to the sugar-obsessed public. The worst best of those went something like this:

Only an unfresh person would park his car in such a way as to make his fellow motorist unable to go about her merry way, but that's just what our heroine is faced with in this episode of the Mentos saga. After an exchange of dirty looks, and communication of the parkee's need for promptness, the young girl contemplates her dilemma with the aid of a freshmaker. She has a revelation, and summons what looks to be the Pittsburgh Steelers offensive line from a construction site across the way. With surprisingly little convincing, the barbarians lift her Fiat 500 into the road, and as she thanks them she glances in the way of her nemesis, the douche-y little i-banker, only to add an exclamation point to her freshness.


We think it had less to do with Mentos, and more to do with her ownership of the always-portable and sometimes considered carry-on, Fiat Cinquecento.

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