You ship your typical automotive journalist to Southern California and hand him the keys to a blown Callaway Corvette packing 616 horsepower, you figure you're going to get a review that could be summarized in one word: "AIIIIIEEEE!" You send Jeremy Clarkson, however, and you get a review that starts off with ten paragraphs loaded with jabs like "They can get our immediate help in the Gulf, but we had to beg for assistance against the Nazis and the Argies. With America, the world is a one-way street" before you even hear about the car (which, though Clarkson describes it as "nailed together by apes," he does allow that he "absolutely bloody loved it.") Now, as the author of a novel targeted at the tepid BDSM proclivities of the Brits, I have the ammunition to come back with some bashing of Mr. Clarkson's benighted, caned-by-stern-headmistress, forever-tainted-by-British-Leyland island... but we take the high road here at El Jalop! [Times of London]