Clarkson on the Dodge Grand Caravan

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Some of you may remember Dan Neil's rather glowing review of the new Chrysler Town & Country Limited. You know, the one where he proclaims that a smart, sensible baby haulin' minivan makes him a total DILF. Well, Jeremy Clarkson is having none of it. Clarkson hauls his wife and three daughters to the great city of Ottawa where he rents a Dodge Grand Caravan. We should pause right here and explain that Jezza may very well have borrowed a 2004 Grand Caravan. We doubt he knows the difference. Truth is, we don't really care about Jeremy's take on a minivan. No, we're posting this because of his take on Canada:

But by the same token no one in Canada ever wins on the horses, or escapes from a knife fight with their life, or has an orgasm. It is Switzerland with wheat.

Damn skippy. [Times Online]

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I had a '91 Caravan with the 4-pot and el cheapo 3-spd auto. I sought this combination in particular because I had heard far too many horror stories regarding the sixes and other trannies available at the time - none of that here.

The engine was absolutely reliable. Nothing mechanical ever went wrong with it. Same for the trans.

Of course, electrical problems sidelined the van twice on two separate trips out of state - one was just a fusible link and relatively simple, but the other failure destroyed the entire EFI computer and many of its sensors. I was displeased.

I had that thing to the far side of 90 a couple of times, so I know it's sorta fast.

We eventually unloaded it due to its abysmal paint and shaky engine electricals.