We love it when old Jezza starts talking cock-o-meter. We believe he first used the analogy in his (404 page missing) review of the Saab 9-3 Sport Wagon. The metaphor goes as such: Based on the car you are driving, your threads and your haircut, the cock-o-meter tells you how much of a cock you look like. All BMW drivers score a 5 (highest score). Saab drivers on the other hand? We forget exactly, but it was pretty low. Here's how JC explains it this time:

I even have a name for such a device: a cock-o-meter. The idea being that it would process an image of your face, your hair and your clothes, and marry this information to the sort of car you're driving. You'd then be given a score out of 10.

BMW M3s driven by people with shaved heads would get 10. Saabs driven by people in linen jackets would get maybe one or two.


Totally. However, his logic breaks down a bit when he says that no matter who you are, you register a zero in the Ferrari 275 GTS. Apparently, like a certain Romanian Count, Clarkson avoids the mirror. Oh, also, this is one of Jeremy's great reviews. Enjoy.

Ferrari 275 GTS (1964) [Times Online]

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