Clarification: Andretti PR Flim-Flam

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Last week we recounted one Jalopniker's experience on a PR event featuring the legend and racing-family patriarch Mario Andretti. While the events were conveyed as experienced, we inadvertently assigned responsibility for the over-promised agenda to Mr. Andretti's racing school. Lest it seem we were throwing Sir Mario and his minions under the proverbial bus, we offer this clarification. The event was organized to promote Chevron brands Techron and Havoline. Thus consider the record corrected, and the legend that much more tarnish-free. The issue of improper management of expectations, however, remains in effect.


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Chevron? The last time (ever) I stopped at a Chevron, I got a tank with a special experimental additive, dihydrogen monoxide, which killed my car dead. The Chevron people were absolutely useless and I had to threaten to go to court to get the bastards to pay the for the towing & repair.

Like I said, last time.