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Citro n this week released a shot of the new C4 Picasso, set to debut at the Paris Motor Show next month. The stylized MPV will be an upsized companion to the Xsara Picasso, with a longer wheelbase and a range of engines that includes a pipsqueak 1.6-liter four, a 2.0-liter four (both gas) and a couple of diesels. The C4 Picasso shares design elements with the C4 hatchback and the C-SportLounge concept the company showed at the Frankfurt show last year. The new van gets an outsized windshield greenhouse โ€” a standard feature โ€” that rises up and over the front-seat occupants, offering wide visibility (sorry, no cubism) if not a serious case of greenhouse effect. It'll also get multizone AC, rearward air suspension and a tech dealie that measures parking spaces for suitability.

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