I know it's hard, but forget the funky DS3 Cabrio or the Technospace MPV Concept for a second! Citroën will give the centre stage to its air-hybrid system at the Geneva Motor Show, and I'm really excited to see it from up close. I also hope it works.

And there's a good chance it will, as Citroën knows how to use air more than any other carmaker. Thanks to Patrick, we already have an idea of how compressed air can be turned into some zero emission movement. While the system might look complicated at first, it's actually much simpler than a conventional battery-hybrid package. It's also easier to adopt to current platforms, and lighter too, which is still the best way to improve fuel consumption.


PSA says they're serious about putting this on actual cars by 2016. The Geneva Motor Show will tell us more about whether that's possible or not. For now, check out the pictures, and tell us how you feel about sitting on top of some compressed air as well as highly flammable hydrocarbons...

Photo credit: PSA