Citroen Survolt Concept: Futuristic, Pink And Sexy

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The Citroen Survolt is a good ol' fashioned concept car. That's right, no chance of production and no real powertrain. Just a sexy body designed to explore future styling themes. In our minds, it's the concept of the show.

With a design meant to convey an aerodynamic look combining "flowing lines [that] convey agility, precision and vitality - with a powerful, muscular character contained in its refined and luxurious frame," this supermini measures in at 3.85-meters long by 1.87-meters wide, making it 65mm longer and 150mm wider than the Lotus Exige S. It stands rather short at 1.2-meters high, which is taller than the Exige, but shorter than the Audi TT. Or, you know, something along the lines of a Chevy Aveo for you ‘merican speakers

Unlike the Citroen Revolte that it's based on, the Survolt, socialist for "supercharged," is seriously good looking, all dramatic details and squashed proportions. It looks like a Goup B car if Group B still existed in 2020. If the French could make a production supermini look this good, we might not make fun of them so much.


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You know, weren't we supposed to get a production version of their last sexy concept, the GT by Citroen?