Yes. This amazing thing is happening. It’s electric, it’s a four-seater cabriolet, and clearly, it’s a proper Citroën that will make the world a better place.

When we saw Citroën’s retro Méhari concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show, we didn’t think it could ever reach production. But Citroën teamed up with the Bolloré Group, makers of the electric Blucar, and the result is a convertible with four full sized seats and a top speed of 68 mph (110 km/h) as well as a 124-mile range in the city.

It also comes with a nice nod to the original on those door panels and the color choices of the MĂ©hari from 1968.

The removable top is closed at the side by a foldaway system with large windows. The rear seats fold down, the chassis is raised for some mild off-roading and the bodywork is made of flexible plastic to make this feel good vehicle as light and maintenance free as possible. In fact, it can be hosed all over, inside and out.


Since this is absolutely crazy while also quite ingenious, Citroën shot an equally lunatic ad for the new E-MEHARI:

Cha-cha-chá indeed.

Citroën claims the lithium-ion battery pack can be recharged in eight hours on a domestic or public station in France, or in 13 hours plugged into a socket at home.


Built in Rennes, the E-MEHARI will launch in France in spring 2016.

After launching the Cactus, the coolest small crossover on the planet, Citroën says the E-MEHARI is further proof that their ambition is “to bring to market cheery, optimistic vehicles that are different from the rest.”


We couldn’t ask for more, even if they can’t go back to America just yet.


Photo credit: Citroën


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