Citroën Lacoste Concept: Pretty Preppy Trendy Crap

Peddler of automotive Frenchness Citroën and alligator-festooned clothier Lacoste have combined for the Paris-bound Citroën Lacoste Concept. Think iPhone-inspired moon rover with beach-buggy aspirations and inflatable water-wings for a roof. Weirdly French enough for you?

Positioned at the crossroads of the automotive world, where fashion and sport meet, it makes a number of references to all three sectors.


This is how the press release trumpets the Lacoste Concept, in reality it's just French designers dropping LSD again.

The concept is basically this: Take a bathtub, power it by a 3-cylinder gasoline engine, put a longitudinal roll hoop over its center, add a retractable windshield at the front. Graft on a roll hoop and install an "inflatable hood" to act as a roof in inclement weather. Douse liberally with all the active-lifestyle marketing buzzwords you can think of.


Finally, top it all off with neon colors and a Lacoste alligator logo imprinted in the side. Voila!

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