Since we're in a Canadian Citröen mood today, let's take a look at this unusual machine that our Canadian friend Maymar photographed at a junkyard in Ontario. As far as we know, Citröen never made a DS coupe, but Maymar seems to have sleuthed out the likely ancestry of this machine. Make the jump to read his description.

I was scoping out local junkyards, when I found this Citroen. I didn't know there was a coupe model built, but it looks most like this was made by the coachbuilder Ricou. The short wheelbase proportions are just weird, but with the engine from a Maserati Biturbo, it'd make an interesting bastardized sibling to the SM. It's out in the west end of Toronto (Old Weston and St. Clair), although Google maps shows the location as auto body place (either way, the car's been there long enough that it shows up in the satellite view).