Illustration for article titled Citroën-Driving French Cops Versus Buick Sport Wagon: Lhomme à la Buick!

Say you're a French jewel smuggler in the late 1960s and you're shopping for the ideal work vehicle. How about a Buick Sport Wagon? A little on the conspicuous side, sure, but such style!


Citroën Mehari-driving Project Car Hell Poster Child Franzouse stumbled across this fine 1968 motion picture and was kind enough to send in a tip. After seeing the sad Olds Vista Cruiser earlier, I thought it would be nice for us to see a GM Skywagon while it's still young and healthy. Here's what Franzouse has to say:

Just came back from a business day-trip to Brussels (hooray for Thalys): they make the best French fries there, amazing. Anyways, I'm watching a 30 year old French movie right now titled "l'Homme à la Buick" (the man with the buick). Pretty cool story, and ok film about a provincial dandy who is actually a smuggler and drives around in a big buick station wagon often being chased by cops in DS's and 404's.

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