Just as expected, the new Citro├źn C5 is a close as twins to the C5 Airscape Concept Citro├źn showed off in Frankfurt this year. That means it's both better looking and less distinctive than previous-generation models. Some might be tempted to describe the latters' distinctiveness as bare-buttocks ugly, though others call it brand DNA. Tamping down its avant-garde roots, Citro├źn's embued the new C5 with some modern clich├ęs, like an ascending side crease such as that of the BMW 3 Series. In fact, from the imagery, it's as if the company sent its entire creative staff to Germany to gorge on blutwurst until any evidence of French idiosyncrasy evaporated in a cloud of porcine AB-negative. When it comes to car design, let's be careful what we wish for, shall we?

Press Release (partial):


With the new C5, Citro├źn establishes a strong position in the mid-high range vehicle segment, where the key qualities are appeal, performance, status and quality.

The new C5 combines a strong personality, with dynamic performance, status and quality


Respecting the design cues of this segment, Citro├źn has developed two cars: a saloon whose flowing lines express style and status and a dynamic looking estate that places the emphasis on emotion without forgetting functional convenience.

With the new C5, Citro├źn satisfies the requirements of executive vehicle buyers in terms of quality and reliability by setting new standards in development, design and industrial production.

ÔÇó Elegant thoroughbred styling

As a saloon or estate, the new C5 stands apart for its distinguished styling and elegant personality. Its dynamic lines and clearly marked waistline give it real on-road presence. Inside the car, a well designed
cabin and premium materials contribute to on-board comfort. Passengers benefit from a prestige design that makes this new road car a vehicle of refinement and distinction.

ÔÇó Remarkable dynamic qualities

On the road, the driver enjoys exceptional driving sensations, and the passengers are lapped in comfort. To achieve this, the new C5 offers a choice between two types of suspension: Hydractive 3 Plus suspension or metallic suspension. Both are based on the running gear of the C6 executive saloon. The Hydractive 3 Plus suspension is aimed at customers keen to take advantage of the Marque's latest developments in technology, comfort and safety.
The metallic suspension is a particularly competitive option. It provides a more direct feel while maintaining the comfort specific to Citro├źn.

These dynamic qualities are combined with a range of three petrol engines and four HDi diesel engines, as well as a full choice of gearboxes.

ÔÇó Exemplary driving pleasure

Driving pleasure takes on a whole new dimension with the new C5. The driving position, which resembles a cockpit, is fully focused on the driver, and features a second-generation fixed-centred controls steering wheel. Clear, concise driving information is displayed on three dials with annular needles, inspired by the aviation world. Well designed acoustics enable the driver to give the road his/her full attention.

ÔÇó Uncompromising on safety

The vehicle meets the highest standards in both active and passive safety with ESP as standard, a stiff body structure and nine airbags (seven standard and two optional).

ÔÇó Produced in an ISO 9001 and 14001 certified plant

The Rennes ISO 9001 certified centre has long experience in producing executive vehicles, particularly with the launch of the C6 which is now attaining remarkable levels of quality. This site has made a strong
commitment to sustainable development and the environment, and also holds ISO 14001 certification.


Distinctive styling expressing performance and elegance

- C5 saloon: sculptural exterior styling
- C5 estate: performance and space
- Refined interior styling

Remarkable dynamic qualities

- A complete range of engines and gearboxes
- Class-beating road manners
- A choice of suspension

Driveability and onboard comfort

- A driving position dedicated to the driver
- Innovative and pertinent driving aids
- Exemplary comfort functions

Uncompromising on safety

- A reinforced body structure
- Up to nine airbags
- An advanced safety braking system and active restraint systems
- Well designed child protection features

Focus on quality

- A customer-centred approach
- Robust design
- Produced in an ISO 14001 certified plant


C5 saloon: sculptural exterior styling

The proportions of the new C5 (4.78m long, 1.86m wide and 1.45m tall) place it at the top end of the large road car segment. Its distinctive styling expresses prestige and performance. The strong character of this saloon is expressed by its sophisticated lines, modern proportions and original body style. Depending on the angle from which it is viewed, it resembles a thoroughbred coupé or elegant saloon. The new C5 stirs the emotions from first glance.

The assertive front end makes a statement of strength, with its large air intakes and long incisive headlamps.

The headlamps - positioned on the bonnet with its two pronounced ribs - flank the large chrome chevrons stating Citroe╠łn's identity. The wide tracks and flush wheels underline the perception of a vehicle that hugs the road.

The profile of the saloon reflects efforts to optimise aerodynamics. The extended roof line underlines the
flowing proportions of the body. The large glazed area with a third side window lets the light flood into the cabin. The high waistline and strongly marked wheel arches clearly identify the saloon as a vehicle of status. The 2.82m wheel base suggests a generous cabin.

The strong, distinguished character of the new C5 is also expressed at the rear. The concave rear window identifies it as one of Citroe╠łn's large road tourers. The signature two-part boomerang lights give the rear-end an assertive look. The generous volumes convey the impression of a car with a strong on-road stance, sitting squarely on its wheels.

C5 estate: performance and space

For the estate, Citroe╠łn sought to create a car as sophisticated as the saloon but with more generous
volumes. The new C5 estate meets the needs of customers looking for a car that combines style and
personality with presence and interior space.

The C5 estate boasts elegant and dynamic exterior styling, with a stylish front end identical to that of the
saloon and a rear end of determined, powerful appearance. The body style reveals a strong identity and real versatility. The flowing profile of the C5 estate expresses a perfect balance. The vehicle is 4.83m long, 1.86m wide and 1.48m tall. The proportions are generous but the additional volume has no impact on the overall lines.

Reflecting the sculpted design of the saloon, the rear end features geometric shapes that suggest width and convenience from a horizontal perspective, while maintaining an elegant and dynamic appearance. The new C5 estate expresses values that will appeal to customers looking for modern concepts tailored to their lifestyles.

Refined interior styling

The opulent, sophisticated interior of the new C5 is an invitation to travel. The dashboard conveys an immediate impression of quality and sophistication with its full, solid forms. The taut lines symbolise precision, while the flowing curves express dynamics. Dissociated from the central console, the dashboard enhances the impression of space and comfort. The design of the door panels reflects the choices made in terms of elegant styling. Overall, the cabin conveys an impression of quality and robust strength.


The interior design of the New C5 perfectly matches the exterior styling. It subtly combines sophistication and innovation, generosity and space.

A complete range of engines and gearboxes

The new C5 boasts a full range of engines and gearboxes to meet the full range of customer requirements in
its segment. The range comprises:

? three petrol engines:

- 127 bhp DIN 1.8i 16V (92 kW EEC)
- 143 bhp DIN 2.0i 16V (103 kW EEC)
- 215 bhp DIN 3.0i V6 (155 kW EEC)

? four diesel HDi engines fitted as standard with the particulate filter:

- HDi 110 DPFS (80 kW EEC)
- HDi 138 DPFS (100 kW EEC)
- HDi 173 DPFS (125 kW EEC)
- HDi V6 208 DPFS (150 kW EEC)

A wide choice of manual and automatic gearboxes is available, depending on the engine and trim level.