Citroën Blueprint Drawings!

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Now here's a place where a dork could get lost for hours. It's a goldmine of blueprint-type drawings of all manner of vehicles. We're especially crushed out on the Citroën section, which features everything from the fabulous FAF Break to the saintly SM. Our inner Franco-dweeb is twitching right now; our irises are spinning like three-lug wheels on the autoroute with a hot-ass tailwind blowing in from North Africa.

Citroën []

The Goddess of Tenth Street [Internal]

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@Paul Y:

You are probably right. It's not a Ford. Or a Chevrolet. Or a Dodge. It's not even American, for goodness sake. How could it possibly ever be a hot rod??

There are only so many ways you can rod a 3 window Deuce after all, and they have all been done. Numerous times.

A rodded Avant would just be something different.