Cistrak Turns Your Car Into a TXTING BFF

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LOL UR CAR IZ GONE is what Cistrak will be saying when your car is stolen. Cistrak is a small, boxy device that allows for a car to easily be tracked by utilizing text-messaging technologies. Of course, it could also be used by overprotected parents fearful that their kids are hooning it up all over the state. Luckily for everyone involved, the device is fairly simple to use.


Once your car is stolen, or you feel the need to find out where it is, you call the Citrak. It has a designated number. Once called, the Cistrak will immediately send a text message back to the called number with the exact location of the vehicle, including the postal code of the area it's in. Also available is an online service that allows over-protective parents or paranoid car-owners to set a vehicle safety zone. If the car ever exists safety mode, the Cistrak will start firing off alerts and text messages to mom and pops, or to obsessive owners.

Cistrak isn't cheap, at nearly $600. It also requires an annual service fee of $120, after the first year, which the manufacturer throws in for free. [Cistrak via Tech Digest]

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Why not just hardwire in a cellphone that handles GPS and pay for the service on your plan as a secondary line? Just hide the bugger somewhere else inside the car.