Circle the Wagon: Wacky Mercedes-Based Custom; and It's for Sale

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Before there was Photoshop, car-design freakers had to use actual sheetmetal to render their creations. This meant the truly outlandish ones, envisioned by nutcases or absinthe abusers, wound up existing in the physical world. To wit: Here's a mashup of two 1983 Mercedes-Benz 240 wagons and a Chrysler Imperial. It's got three axles, a stove, microwave, freezer, TV, two air conditioning units and more chrome than Chip Foose's dumpster. The seller,, says the Merc diesel-powered unit took more than 2000 madness-hours to complete and has traveled around the US twice, possibly on that errant garbage barge a few years back . Still, we find ourselves drawn to this sad creature in sympathy, as if it were a two-headed kitten at the ASPCA. Though there's not enough absinthe on the planet to make us take it home.

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